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As your coach, Lauren Rae uses tailored nutrition, fitness and lifestyle techniques to teach you how to kick the fads, love the skin you’re in, and understand food and fitness in a way that works for YOUR body (...without crazy long workouts or eating bland boring food!) Learn how to live your life and enjoy the things you love by optimizing what you eat, how you move and the way your mind motivates you.

Jeff Beiver Restaurant Entrepreneur

“I gained 10+ pounds in two months, which I thought was impossible. Some trainers and coaches seem to only care just as much as you do. Lauren cares more, and that passion is transferred onto you.”

Kristie P. Student and Full time Nurse

“Lauren Rae has been the best coach I have ever had! She used my busy schedule to my advantage to help me get into a routine that really works.”

Josh Hydrographer

“...just like Lauren told me it would, livinghealthy and fitness has become second nature”

Lakindrell Restaurant Entrepreneur

“Living with lupus I thought it would be impossible to live an active life or even workout on a daily basis. I toned, I lost pounds & inches, along with keeping my curves & now I’m living a healthy lifestyle thanks to Lauren Rae & her dedication & motivation.”

Matt Manero President of CFF, Inc.

"I lost 40 lbs in 3 months because Lauren Rae was committed to my success as well."



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