Lauren Rae is a Transformation Coach located in Dallas Texas.

Lauren Rae is your catalyst for total L.I.F.E. Transformation. With an inspired approach to holistic wellness, she utilizes lifestyle coaching, functional exercise and nutrition programs to help you look and feel your absolute best.

Lauren Rae is a NASM certified personal trainer, Power Pilates certified teacher. Lauren Rae individualizes her fitness programs for each client to improve balance and core strength, muscle tone, reactive power and flexibility.

Lauren Rae enjoys building and maintaining relationships in the health and wellness industry locally and internationally. Being surrounded by others with a passion to inspire, lead and change lives has led her to where she is today as an expert in her field as a fitness professional.

Lauren Rae is also a healthy home chef with her online TV show 'Kitchen to the Road', is a freelance health and wellness writer for SunWarrior News and enjoys singing and performing her original songs around the Dallas area (Listen in!).


Lauren Rae seeks to inspire others through proper exercise technique, lifestyle changes, nutritional coaching and healthy cooking. 

“I want to help men and women understand that health and happiness is attainable - and is a choice. My career path is now built around using my education, experiences and my personal transformation journey to educate and empower others.”


Physical and emotional 'fitness' is a choice — one we make every minute of every day.  As a society, we are bombarded with inconsistent messaging and ‘convenient’ health choices that are making us sick. What keeps us moving forward as individuals is the opportunity to make healthier 'inspired' choices that fuel your body, mind and spirit for a LIFE you LOVE.


Discovering who you really are and what you’re capable of is the first step towards finding your own personal greatness.
— Lauren Rae