Lauren Rae Fit in 6 Weeks Challenge

Fit in 6 Challenge

Go from a couch potato to loving your workouts in 6 weeks

Who is this for:

  • Anyone that feels like couch potato that needs the motivation to get moving 

  • If you don't know where to start but know you need to try something

  • If you want to trick your brain into getting excited about going to the gym and about getting RESULTS!

  • Anyone who wants REAL, SIMPLE solutions to create a healthy body you feel good in 

  • or... if simply get moving and start feeling great about yourself again

Trainerize Lauren Rae App

'Fit in 6' Includes

✔️  6 Weeks of real, easy workouts that progressively get you off the couch and into the gym

✔️ Easy access to your program from on your Android or iPhone

✔️  A real, simple nutrition plan included

✔️ Lauren's 'Clean Cheats' Recipe Book

✔️  Community accountability

✔️Accountability Check-ins with Lauren Rae

✔️  7 day Love it or Leave it money back guarantee