Pin Stripes or Polka Dots

Never got around to painting those Easter eggs... But if I had, I would have painted one with polka dots.

I was struggling all week to decide what to write about. I want everything of mine that you read to be profound and useful; however, lately I have been struggling to hold a conversation without getting distracted. Compiling a thought provoking blog was not in the cards… Until now. So that’s what it’s like to wake up at 2am with an idea worth writing down!

I awoke with the words success and significance flowing on repeat in my brain. What is the difference, I thought? (And why was I thinking about it when I should be sleeping!?)

When I think of success, money comes to mind. Simple, right? Work hard - earn money - be successful. As for significance, I think of the joy that follows fulfillment. Not so cut and dry. How often do you feel significant? As helpful as it would it be to achieve success by American standards, I truly believe the exploration to find meaning to life outweighs any benefit money can buy.

Sure. Its EASY to say that being significant is more important than being successful at this stage in the game. I'm flat broke! But every work day you wake up to earn another dime, you do it so you can play in your sling back wedges on the weekends with people that excite you, Right? Take joy boldly and share it with everyone around you and you will be successful. 

That's the punch line. 

That is the meaning behind the pinstripes we wear everyday while striving for 'success'. (Our polka dotted underwear if you will :-P) If I can be a positive influence to others, have absolutely become successful and I step forward with the knowledge that this - this crazy day to day thing called 'life' - is just the beginning.

This past week I had the opportunity to hear Ali Brown speak at the Infusionsoft conference on entrepreneurship in the new economy. She asked the question, “What is bigger than your dreams?” and continued to explain the importance of accepting a mindset shift towards what is really important in life and how to find meaning.

Wow... you mean we are allowed to have more? YES!

Whats bigger than my dreams is the opportunity to reach others in a positive way and the joy that comes in return is more magnificent than any success defined monetarily. What is going create significance in my life is not the number of bodybuilding trophy's that I can place on my shelf, but the way in which I enter and effect each persons life that I come in contact with. 

So which is more important important to you? How will you take your dreams to the next level and beyond... with pin stripes or polka dots?

A scramble that’d light up the Easter bunny!

What you’ll need:

3 Eggs (I’d usually use egg whites, but because I won’t be partaking in any Easter candy this year, I’m splurging and using the whole farm-fresh egg that I purchased at my local farmers market.)

½ Fresh chopped jalapeño

4oz Diced chicken breast

Chopped cilantro


½ Cup kale

Place a skillet sprayed with Pam over medium heat and sauté the chicken, onion and chopped jalapeno’s until warm and tender. Add the cilantro and kale and cook until the kale is slightly wilted. 

At this point, I like to turn the heat up just a little so I get a nice *sizzle* in the pan when I add the eggs. Add your scrambled eggs (you can add a splash of milk to your raw eggs for a nice fluffy texture when cooked… Less is more!) and cook until desired temperature is achieved.

Rather than adding cheese, I coupled my Easter Scramble with a tablespoon of fresh Cilantro & Lime Hummus (also purchased at the farmers market) for some decadent creaminess. I generally don’t use salt in my recipes, but adding little treats like this can really enhance the flavor of your dish. Just be aware of the ingredients and amount of sodium in the sauces or dips that you purchase.