5 Minute Checkin to Awareness

Have you ever felt lost or frustrated with yourself?

Work is mundane, your relationships are struggling, there's never enough time or money... And don't even get me started on health and fitness!! Everything and everyone begs for your attention - you're spread too thin, and continually forget about your compelling future.


We've all been there! When I find myself getting distracted from my goals, commitments and dreams... I realize it's time to check-in.


Awareness is defined as: noun

1. the state or condition of being aware; having knowledge; consciousness.


I have made a commitment to living a clean lifestyle - yet halfway through a piece of chocolate wedding cake last night I came to a screeching halt and thought... Wait a minute! This isn't a working part of my meal plan! I immediately felt guilt and 20lbs heavier. How can an inanimate object cause me a bad feeling?? It can't. I was letting my thoughts fuel bad feelings that had nothing to do with the food itself.


Will chocolate cake kill me? No.

Is it in my nutritional plan and will it help me reach my fitness goals? No.


Don't get me wrong, I'm all

About moderation... BUT if the actions you choose don't work FOR you, chances are you haven't been specific in your awareness of your goals and desires. And you're not choosing thoughts that inspire self improvement and overall wellness.


After I forgave myself for indulging unconsciously, I took 5 minutes to become consciously aware of my thoughts and feelings and wrote down my goals. At the top of the list I wrote: What am I committed to?


Commitment is defined as: noun

1. the act of committing.

2. the state of being committed.

3. the act of committing, pledging, or engaging oneself.


What are you committed to? If you don't know, it's time to figure it out.

Chances are that everything in your experience you've asked for one way or another... So if you're unhappy and you don't FEEL GOOD - becoming aware of your deepest desires and honoring the steps towards attaining them is the most important thing you can do.



Here's how you can practice a 5 minute checkin:


1. Set a timer, if you can Facebook for any amount of time, you can practice self improvement for 5 minutes.


2. Take a few deep breaths and ask yourself, "In this moment - how do I feel?" Then practice respecting your feelings regardless if they are negative or positive. Be honest and kind with yourself.

Ex: I feel badly for eating chocolate cake because it does not work for me and the lifestyle I've chosen and does not help me reach my goals. How can I do better next time?


3. How do you WANT to feel? CHOOSE thoughts that will result in that desired feeling.

Ex: I am a capable fitness Professional! This minor sidetrack has the potential to help others choose different actions.


4. Now determine how you are going to get there.... Write down the goals you desire to reach and BE SPECIFIC!!


If you want to learn to surf be the end of summer, consider time, money, diet, fitness, sleep... Ect. And start with thoughts that will spark positive action immediately.


Do you have 5 minutes? Try it now!
Joy is abundantly flowing -- tap in!


Life is an INCREDIBLE blessing and we have been designed to enjoy our experience and share it with others. Checking in with yourself and your commitments periodically can fast-track you to a joy filled life.


And always remember: