There are no trophies at the end of your life.


Your life is based on the capacity of energy in you, not outside of you.

What are you capable of? Ask me 3 years ago and I would have stared at you blankly with a, "why do people ask dumb questions" look on my face because I was too scared to actually come up with an answer. It is incredible to discover that I am capable of being, doing or having ANYTHING I decide. And so are YOU. It just comes down to those tricky choices...




  1. Having the ability, fitness, or quality necessary to do or achieve a specified thing.
  2. Able to achieve efficiently whatever one has to do; competent.
able - efficient - competent - clever - skilful - fit

I used to be so bored. I would get angry with strangers, angry with myself and others. There were, if any, very small traces of gratitude and love filling my life. I was all smiles and bubbles like the Lauren we all know, but inside was frustration and irritation. Mostly confusion because I didn't know WHY I had changed so much since childhood.


Thats when it came down to a shade-of-grey choice for me. There was no rock bottom... No extreme weight gain, no drug and alcohol dependency, only the opportunity to make a new choice. I took a very scary step forward and never looked back. When I really challenged myself into finding my capabilities is when I blossomed into Lauren Rae - Human Being. Alive, awake and in LOVE... with ME!


If I can recommend a first step for anyone wishing to find peace within themselves so they can move forward, it would be this:

First, see yourself with love and compassion. Then see world that surrounds you with love and compassion. Practice living with a heart of gratitude and watch your life transform before your eyes. You will be astonished at the beauty that is created.




I competed in the Ronnie Coleman Classic over the past weekend and came home with the 4th place trophy for the Bikini A division. This was my 3rd competition in 3 years and my 1st show in Texas. What a to-do it was! I am happy with my placing as I prepared for this show in 3 weeks without sacrificing my health, nutrition or sanity to do so. I am an all natural athlete - and PROUD of it!

The most amazing part of challenging myself to become the best me (with integrity for my health) is discovering that the best me is who shows up everyday in preparation for the big event. 


There is no big trophy at the end of your life.

There is no reason to be unhealthy to get to a little recognition. Be the best you, day in and day out, whatever that looks like. If you fail, be honest, acknowledge yourself and get back on the damn horse! Life is about the journey and everyday you have a choice to either be luke warm or be a loving, passionate person that makes changes in the world and treats yourself and others with love and compassion.


But there is always Tea...

Nothing like a cold glass of iced tea to sooth the soul. Try adding mint leaves or slices of cucumbers for a little variety!

Green tea is a natural fat burner and will help keep you busy between meals. It also contains antioxidants that will help fight free radicals!

Steer clear of sweeteners unless you use an all natural sugar-free option like stevia or true lemon to add a kick.

Happy sipping!