Come one come all.

Have you ever had your favorite pair of heels on, looking and feeling amazing, and suddenly you're teetering on an uneven surface that leaves your confidence in the drain grate your heel slipped into? We've all been there. Well its time to put on your combat diva boots and show life who the boss is! My name is Lauren and my purpose for starting this blog is to share thoughts and answer questions about nutrition, health and fitness as well as discuss how to love and live life to the fullest regardless of the blows we dodge on a daily basis.

Disclaimer: I am new to the 'blogging' processes and could use any advice you have. Please feel free to let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions!

Topic #1:    How about some structure for 1st meal?

As, some of you know that I just competed in my 2nd NPC bikini A division competition last Saturday... It was amazing! I felt fit and beautiful and ran home smiling with 2nd place. I met every goal I set for myself - What an awesome feeling of accomplishment. Also, I could not have been more proud of my "No Mullarkey" team that rocked their divisions as well!

But lets get down to business... Dieting for a show (AND eating clean in general) involves some serious structure and commitment. And when the situation presents itself and you're allowed to play, when is it time to pull the reigns in?

I had originally said I was going to take the post-show week off from my diet and the gym. What a reward for months of dieting and countless hours in the gym! Well, by Tuesday I was back at Gold's Gym lifting legs with a good friend and was back on my nutrition plan by Thursday. After just a few days of cheat meals, drinking and lack of sleep I was feeling anxious, depressed and pretty bloated :-P It took me a moment to realize what was happening and make a decision to get back on track. Don't get me wrong, I'm easing back into the process of meal prep, cringed a little as I bought 16 cans of tuna and had a long discussion with the StairMaster prior to stepping on... But the fact is, my body has become accustomed to the way in which I've treated it throughout the years. Good or bad. And when you eat clean and lift mean you're body begins to expect that from you. The feelings of anxiety were my bodies way of reminding me that things had gone awry and it was time to get back on track.

For me, being healthy and fit is a lifestyle choice. When the daily structure of eating clean and exercise is shaken up a bit, I believe it is natural to have some unsettling feelings. No one wants to live in chaos! Even if that chaotic environment feeds certain desires... Its important to remember the role that having structure in your nutritional and exercise plans plays in mental and emotional health and make that CHOICE to be a better you.

Egg white oatmeal for breakfast anyone? YES pleaaasee...