Day Four: Finding Balance


Todays Practice: Strictly Core, Uptown Yoga 9am

I took a few days off during this challenge when I got sick last week.  I struggled with it because I felt as if I was giving up on a commitment! I decided to pick up the challenge when I was feeling better after remembering there is no sense in beating myself up over it, and that I would be doing more harm than good to stress my body during illness. So here I am, back on Day Four: Finding Balance.


Today I feel: (Before class)

  • Physically: Good, recovered and ready to work my body.
  • Mentally: Happy to start the week fresh. In a good place to practice this morning

Today I feel: (After class)

  • Physically: I feel like I challenged myself and while feeling a bit weak, I really feel great!
  • Mentally: Shocked at my awareness that has grown significantly with my practice.

My first thoughts after class -

 I feel incredible and am learning SO much!

Finding Balance

The space around this class was  based on the idea of  'The Three' or the idea of there being one extreme, the other extreme and the balance between the two.

I began the class feeling the pressure of my body into the mat, the extreme weight of my body followed me throughout the class one way or the other! When we began our head stands and reversed the position of our bodies is when I felt the shift... I finished feeling an equal pressure between the floor and my body and felt almost lifted equally. It was an amazing feeling to become so aware and deliberate in my awareness that I noticed this change. I can truly say that for the first time I took my final breath with the room and with "Namaste" I was able to feel the connection with the light inside the others. This awareness of others has been with me all weekend and it is incredibly rewarding to be able look at another with compassion and acceptance rather than from a place of fear and defensiveness. It is our predisposition human self that attempts to protect ourselves from others... But it is our spiritual inclination to find that common grace.

Maria Carroll is the teacher on Monday mornings and I can feel her passion for helping the class not only progress in their practice. I LOVE how in her Strictly Core class I've learned to strengthen and correct the technique and my body positions that allow me to practice the flow classes more deliberately and correctly.


Awesome start to the week <3


Sweet Potato Fries

with Honey Mustard Sauce

Because a balanced diet includes.... fries??

Sweet potatoes are a GREAT complex carbohydrate to add to your meals if you take them at their most natural form. Fried Sweet potato tots do NOT count, FYI.




What you need:

1 Large sweet potato or Yam

1 Tbsp Raw Honey

1 Tbsp Whole Grain Mustard


  1. Take your DRY (this is very important if you want crispy fries) potato and cut lengthwise first then into strips at desired thickness. You can pre-wash your potato the day before, OR just skin it and therefore removing the dirt without water.
  2. Spray with PAM or lightly toss in olive oil and sprinkle salt-free seasoning on top.
  3. Bake at 450 degrees for about 20 minutes, turn over occasionally to ensure all sides are browned. While baking stir together the honey and the whole grain mustard into the dipping sauce.
  4. Cool before eating - And pair with your healthy sauce! (If ketchup is your vice - opt for ORGANIC ketchup as it is made with cane sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup.


Please share below if you like this recipe... :)

Remember, Its YOUR LIFE - LIVE FIT!