Day One: I am enlightened.


Today is the day! I've been looking forward all weekend to getting started on my 10 day yoga challenge.


Todays Practice: Strictly Core at Uptown Yoga 9am

Today I feel: (Before class)

  • Physically: I feel tight and sore, nothing out of the ordinary!
  • Mentally: I am feeling good - excited about today and the week to come, a little anxious about the amount of 'things' I want to accomplish. On a scale of 1-10 overall, I am sitting at a solid 8.


Today I feel: (After class)

  • Physically: I feel great. Open and stretched... Very proud of my strength.
  • Mentally: I feel free. As I am intended to be!

My first thoughts after class -

How inspiring diving into the soul... The block is gone. I feel DESIRE.

WOW! Best part was sticking a head stand straight up super statuesque... then a hands-free shoulder stand. I didn't realize how great it felt to challenge yourself and the succeed. Super proud of myself. Also, I never realized how much I love the earth. Not so much in the tree-hugger sense... I just wanted to laugh every time I got to connect to the earth rather than holding my stiff body in the air upside-down for extended periods of time!

Really looking forward to my next class :)



I need to be squeezed like a grape... SO much water retention.


Soak filtered or bottled water with the following ingredients and drink throughout the day to naturally detox and fight water retention.

1 Gal water

1 Cucumber sliced

1 Lemon sliced

1 tsp Crushed ginger root

Add different fresh herbs like mint leaf, basil or rosemary for different flavor variations!


Please share if you like this recipe... Remember, Its YOUR LIFE - LIVE FIT!