Day Two: Yoga is HARD!


Todays Practice: Vinyasa Flow, Uptown Yoga 9am

Today I feel: (Before class)

  • Physically: I feel tight and sore, again...
  • Mentally: Happy to begin another day. Mildly feeling 'whelmed.' Not over, not under... Just.


Today I feel: (After class)

  • Physically: Like I got beat up last night then did yoga. I feel more open and stretched - just sore.
  • Mentally: I feel like today I will be practicing a lot. I feel grateful for the air in my lungs... and happy that I can practice being the mindful person that I want to be.

My first thoughts after class -

That was HARD.

Class was a basic Vinyasa flow with several variations of poses... I really enjoyed the teacher! She corrected my form several times. I appreciate teachers that get involved with our practice during class. I really pushed hard and did my best - Happy to say that :)


Pumpkin Pie Protein

This shake hit the spot yesterday afternoon when I was hungry, but really didn't have an appetite for anything in particular. Try it out and let me know what you think!

1.5 Scoops Vanilla SunWarrior Protein

1 tsp Stevia

1  tsp Vanilla extract

1 c Coconut Milk - Unsweetened

2 Tbs Organic Pumpkin - Canned

Cinnamon to taste

1/4 c Ice

Blend well until combined and enjoy!

Please share if you like this recipe...

Remember, Its YOUR LIFE - LIVE FIT!