Get Trained.

Many of my friends have been asking me lately how it was that I started my body transformation. I woke up one day and realized how bored and unhappy I was and decided to make a change. I needed some goals, and I need them to be for ME. After deciding to go the fitness route, I found my trainer, Karen Mullarkey with "No Mullarkey Personal Training" online and my life has not been the same since. After spending some time in the gym with Karen, I remember thinking to myself that someday I wanted to be like her. Outspoken, proud to be in my skin, fun-loving, aware of my talents... all of these things were in my heart begging to be set free but I had let years of life beating me down hide my true colors. She had a fire inside of her  that spoke to me. Since February of 2011, I have trusted her indefinitely with all of my fitness goals. Not only has she helped me train, compete and place in two NPC competitions, I have learned an immeasurable amount about health and fitness. A lot of which I will be sharing with you! (Sorry Karen ;) )

Long story short, if you're interested in changing your lifestyle and want to learn more about healthy nutrition and exercise... find an expert. Become a student of health and fitness like I did and see how your life and attitude changes. If you're interested in training with the VERY talented Karen Mullarkey, visit her website at or check her out on Facebook!

I understand how it may not be feasible for some of you to go this route, try looking into Jamie Eason's Livefit Trainer and check out her free online guide on

And please ask questions here and maybe I can answer them for you!

Happy Thursday!