Granola Protein Bar

This home-made protein granola bar recipe is the bomb.


I threw a BUNCH of ingredients together... you're going to have to trust me on this one.... It works. You can prepare it RAW or BAKED.


What you'll need:

1/2 Toasted coconut (toss unsweetened coconut flakes in a sautee pan on medium heat and toast until golden brown.)

1/2 Tbsp Coffee grounds

2 Tbsp Raw cacao

1/2 c Almonds (Soaked in filtered water over night)

3 Scoops SunWarrior Protein - Warrior Blend, Vanilla

2 Tsp Stevia

1/4 c Dates

1/2 c All Bran

1/4 c Coconut Butter (melted)

1 c Instant Oats

1/2 c Liquid egg whites (pasteurized)


Pulse almonds, dates, oats and coconut until well blended. Add to remaining dry ingredients. Pour coconut butter in and mix well then add the liquid egg whites until you can form a ball out of the dough with your hands.

This makes a very large recipe so feel free to cut in half if you'd like.

When cut into 24 bars, they are 77 calories each!

For RAW:

Place in a large dish and form into a loaf shape. Be sure to flatten the dough until only about 2 inches tall our less. Chill over night, then cut into small bars.

For BAKED Protein Granola Bars:

Use an ice cream scoop to form individual balls of dough and place them in a greased muffin tin for baking. You can also press the dough down to make little tarts out of the dough!


I tried wrapping the dough around a blueberry for a special sweet center.

See which recipe you like best and let me know with a comment below!