Grocery Store Staples: Food to Get Attached To - Part 1


What do you see first when you stroll into the market? 

The natural flow of the store puts you directly in the produce section... So many options of GREEN - Yet how much of your cart is filled with food items in boxes, packages, wrappers and cans?


In the next few weeks we are talking about grocery store staples that need to be in your cart - every week - replacing processed and/or frozen foods that are lacking proper nutrition for your rockin' body. 

Check out this fun photo as a good way to get your mindset into healthy shopping:

(Oh, by the way, YOU deserve to feed your body nothing but goodness... because you are GOOD - and you are what you eat.)

Staple #1: Dark leafy greens

Why buy organic?

The soil in which organic vegetables are grown is nutrient rich and the plants are pesticide free... therefore the items harvested taste better and are full of the nourishment intended for our bodies. Buying organic also supports local farmers.

The price of organic foods can be a bit higher than fits our budgets on a regular basis, but there are a few items that we should always buy organic to reduce our exposure to harmful chemica

What to buy:

Spinach: Raw, steamed or sauteed... always have it!

Asparagus: Great broiled, grilled or steamed and acts as a natural diuretic.

Kale: Use in shakes, steam it, saute it.

Broccoli: Great raw or steamed!