Grocery Store Staples: Foods to get attached to, Part 3

Two types of fat free diets:

"I only eat low or fat free, packaged foods." 

How many overweight people do you know on this diet? There's a connection between why obesity is an epidemic and the popularity of 'fat free' foods and diets. 

“She’ll have the salad, squeeze of lemon… and the water.” 

Have you even had a dry salad and been left completely unsatisfied, disappointment reflecting at the bottom of the bowl? Even with lean protein – you’re not going back for more of that… off to the ice cream bar! 


You’re ache for more flavor and a fulfillment will not going unheard. Your brain craves fat because it is a vital part of our diet – especially for organ support and allows the body to absorb necessary nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E and K.

Low fat and Fat-free doesn't necessarily mean its healthy!

Just like the other macronutrients we’ve discussed, when consumed correctly and in the correct form, unsaturated, can aid in weight loss and a complete a nutrient rich diet. Conversely, not consuming trans and saturated fats can lower your blood cholesterol and decrease your risk of heart disease. For an explanation of the difference between the three types of fat click here.

Friendly Fats that should be in your shopping cart this week:

Cold pressed olive oil or coconut oil is great on salads or for cooking

Nuts: Dry roasted - salt free nuts like Cashews and Almonds make for a satisfying snack.

Nut butters: I prefer almond or cashew butter, Check the label! Ingredients should read: Nuts - Period. If there's anything else, like sugar... get a different brand.

Fish: Tuna and salmon are my favorite!

Avocado: A mild flavor and creamy texture can fill your fat craving...try on that salad instead of cheese or in tuna salad with some greek yogurt rather than mayonnaise!


Fat doesn't have to be scary… negative thoughts that reject the idea of fat in our diet create a painful experience that inevitably leads to overeating and frustration. Make nice with your food: eat the correct types, eat the correct portions and you're body will love you for it.


For nutritional supplementation try...

Cod liver oil - contains high levels of vitamin A and D as well as EPA and DHA which are important Omega-3 fatty acids necessary for brain and nervous system function.

Flax seed oil - contains high levels of vitamin B, fiber and Omega-6 and Omega-9.