Is that my future calling?

I had the incredibly generous and life changing opportunity to attend the Scottsdale, Arizona FMI (Fitness Models International) conference last weekend. Endless THANK YOU's to Karen Mullarkey of "No Mullarkey" Personal Training for giving me the opportunity to attend and for supplying some beautiful active wear options for my photo shoot with the extremely accomplished fitness photographer Noel Deganta. The weekend was a whirlwind of information, networking and relationship building that I will never forget. Furthermore, it was at FMI that I felt something stirring - this was my calling. At the end of day 3, lectures were coming to an end, and with a moment to reflect, tears filled my eyes and my heart filled with joy with the realization that I, previously career floundering Lauren Richardson was now Lauren Rae - Professional Fitness Talent. 

Pure joy - a feeling unparalleled by any other.

Thank you to everyone who made FMI a possibility: Administrators, Gary Warren, Clark Bartram, volunteers and speakers to the very talented photographers: James Patrick, Mike Byerly, Noel Deganta, Reny Remos, Angela Cook, Rich Baker and Stacia Lugo.... You all created an experience that will never be forgotten. I can't wait to attend FMI Los Angeles this fall! 

With my goals and dreams becoming a reality, there will be a shift in the way I approach the content posted in my blogs. Lets be real, you all want focused, useful information that is going to drive you towards healthier happier lives. (I'll fill you in on my personal achievements in a Christmas letter equipped with a holiday themed photo of my MinPin Tirzah and myself on santa's lap.) By following Gravel and Stilettos, I want you to realize that this life is filled with endless possibilities, and I am building my career around showing whats possible by being an example.

I'd also like to apologize for the absurd time between posts! As GNS followers I'd like to assure you that I have officially returned from what was too long of a blogging hiatus! 

The past few weeks have been amazing. Drastic and exciting changes are happening in my personal and professional life and I cant WAIT to share everything I've learned with you. All of that being said, I ask you again... PLEASE contact me at  with anything you'd like to discuss in reference to health, nutrition and lifestyle.