Medication or Meditation?

Meditation or Medication Lauren Rae
Meditation or Medication Lauren Rae

Medication or Meditation

Thursday, August 1, 2013 @ 10:08 AM 

Lauren Rae

If you are breathing, it is likely that during your lifetime you’ve experienced the result of physical and emotional ailments caused by stress. High levels of stress can hinder your ability to thrive to the fullest, affect your vitality and longevity, and scariest of all, stress can be deadly. Stress manifests itself both emotionally and physically. Signs of physical stress include: headaches, muscle aches and pains, obesity, problems sleeping, poor digestion, and intestinal issues. Signs of mental and emotional stress can include feelings of depression or anxiety and can overwhelm you, causing relationships to suffer and generating a general sense of frustration.

If you are hard to be around and it is hard to be in your own skin, it is likely that you are stressed. However, when bad feelings arise regardless of the source, many people turn to prescription medications to ease their symptoms rather than exploring how to relieve the symptoms where they started. The practice of meditation allows the individual to explore their subconscious and experience periods of quiet and contentment. Both are a natural state for humans, yet frequently avoided and underestimated.

While medication and meditation provide effective relief to the symptoms and occasionally the causes of stress, it is important to explore the risks as well as the options available to you. Continue reading here.


Which should you choose?

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