Stay FIT and COOL this summer!


Are you feeling the summer heat?

As the temperature outside rises, I start to realize the motivation I had to get outside and run, or the desire to be around other sweaty individuals is inevitably lagging. Well friends, discipline never sleeps and our goals are begging to be reached. So how can you stay motivated to sweat when you're already sweating?

Remember why you're training

When motivation is lacking, remember why you want to get and stay fit. 

For yourself? Sure!

Be vain! When you can strip off the sleeves and let your sexy arms get a tan poolside, it'll all be worth it. Take note of how it feels to be proud of your achievements and use it as ammunition for the next time you're feeling lazy.

Set up an accountability partner

Get someone else involved to hold you accountable. If you have a set time to meet a buddy in the gym or for early morning sprints, you are much less likely to skip your workout to sit in the air conditioning. Set a weekly schedule with your buddy or make friends in the gym that will check up on you.

Create a killer soundtrack

Nothing gets me moving faster than some great tunes. If you need a little spark in your step, download some new music and have fun creating a soundtrack to get excited about. 

Try something new like electronic or techno. Maybe some heavy rock and roll or metal? Whatever you're into, choose a fast tempo that'll keep you moving from set to set.

Remember, If you're not moving - you're not losing... 

Get your workouts in regardless of how uncomfortable it may feel and take pride when you get the results you've earned.

Once you're finished killing calories, cool off with a low calorie freezee with a Mediterranean twist. (Make it a cocktail for those summer weekends!)

Mint lemonade summer cooler

If you still have some citrus Crystal Lite left over from last weeks marinade recipe - Here's a great recipe for a cooling summer freezee!

What you'll need

One packet Crystal Lite lemonade or citrus

A handful of fresh mint

one cup of Ice

One cup filtered water

(optional) 1.5 oz Vodka 

In a blender add ice, Crystal lite, water, mint and if you so choose - the vodka. Blend until smooth and enjoy!

Please drink responsibly :)