What do you do when you can't...

Today's been an interesting one.


I rarely write about personal situations - however, I think you can relate to the events of today too.


I have a pile on my desk growing with toll tag tickets, bills, receipts, more junk and more work to be done. My brain is full and unrelenting, energy is down, coffees not helping and now it's time to go be 'human' in front of clients and coworkers. My day started early with a walk and healthy breakfast and has ended with no workout and an afternoon filled with mindless snacking and unchecked 'to-do' boxes.


Clearly today isn't working for me... Step one: Identify what isn't working, take responsibility, forgive myself, and decide how to do better next time. Only problem is even I can't decide what's wrong?! I checked in with my sister about my constant unfulfilled cravings dramatic aimless wandering and she said...

"Maybe you're not craving food."

DUH! I wish I had thought of that... So this is what I AM craving:

- a nap

- water

- a hug

( ...on a Tuesday? Really? Already?)

And as simple as stating her name, my sister says, "So go take a nap. Get a hug. Drink some water." This offered a reminder -- maybe what I think I should be doing is so far out of reach because I need to attend to myself first.


So what do you do when you can't do anything you think you should be doing??

Do what you CAN do. There's always something.... Even if its just closing your eyes and breathing.


Don't bother beating yourself up... acknowledge your capabilities and your strengths. Zig Ziglar says, "Failure is a detour - not a dead end street. Yesterday really did end with last night and today is a BRAND new day."


So practice being good to yourself, because YOUR opinion of yourself is the most important. Listen to your body, your mind and soul... Then give them what they want. You'll be happy you did.