You wanna burn fat, do ya?

Here are two of my favorite little tricks to help you burn fat - Naturally!

Next time you're in between meals and start to feel peckish, go for a cup of green tea or a little cashew snack.

Green Tea

We've all heard that Green tea is a great fat metabolizer and natural caffeine source for added energy. the caffeine can also work as an appetite suppressant between meals as well as a diuretic to help flush toxins.

  • Drinking it iced will burn a few extra calories while your body warms it to body temperature... plus its a great way to refresh on hot days.
  • Drinking it hot will help you be mindful of your snacky situation by connection the mind and body - giving you the oral fixation as you thoughtfully enjoy your drink while your stomach fills with the calorie free beverage. 

I personally LOVE Blueberry Slim Life Green tea by Yogi tea. You can find a delicious selection of Yogi Tea at your local grocery store.


Nuts are a portable, healthy snack, that when eaten in moderation can help you burn fat! Dense with many nutrients like magnesium and fiber, this healthy fat source will fill your stomach with goodness. (Every time you eat, you're metabolism kicks on and starts burning calories. This is why it is so important to eat several small meals throughout the day:

Things to remember;

  1. Purchase Dry Roasted, UNsalted cashews. Extra salt can cause water retention, and lets face it ladies, none of us feel trim and toned when we're holding water! Try tossing a few around in some cinnamon and Splenda for a sweeter treat. Or maybe some curry powder and cayenne if you're feeling spicy!
  2. Portion size is everything. A small handful will do the trick! (About 1/4 cup) Remember, calories are still calories. While they work for us to give us energy and burn fat, portioning our snacks will prevent over-eating.
  3. Drink a lot of water! Not only will it help fill your stomach, cashews are rich in fiber and water is needed to help flush fiber through the body. 

Happy snacking!

Snack Pak Confessions

I had the amazing opportunity to jet set for a day to shoot photos and video for in the beautiful Red Rocks of Las Vegas. In true "Snack Pak" fashion, I packed a few green tea packets, a little Tupperware of cashews, almond butter (not sure how I got that through security) and protein powder. 

Never be at the airports mercy for snacks!

This trip was absolutely incredible! I made new friends, learned a lot and got to play in the Las Vegas sun all day -- for work! Can't beat it.

Joy comes to those who ask for it... 

"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."