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Live. Love. Eat.

Lauren Rae is a nutrition & wellness Expert and an avid foodie-at-heart. With a practice built on balance and moderation, she provides personal nutrition coaching, meal planning and private cooking instruction that accounts for all of the things you love.

When we break bread, we do so much more than eat a meal. 

We share stories and HEAR THE PEOPLE WE LOVE speak.

we Taste, we touch, we smell, we see.

we create Vivid memories with important people and experience new places.

Most importantly, we give our bodies the fuel we needs to keep moving.

Whether you want 1:1 coaching, are planning an intimate gathering, or you want to host an interactive cooking party, Lauren Rae will teach you everything you need to know about how to eat for your goals and eat your cake too.

Here's what you'll learn working with Lauren Rae:

How to shop at the grocery store to support your dietary needs and fitness goals.
How to eat more of what you love while managing your weight goals.
Which food items to eat that will give you the energy you need to do the things you love.
How to use meal time to connect with and fuel with the people you love.
Which food items act in a medicinal manner to help get you healthier than ever.
How to make your favorite dishes healthy ...AND taste great!
What fine wines and spirits you can pair with your healthy food to elevate the flavors and dining experience.
“Lauren Rae is an elite food personality that provides a healthy twist on fine cuisine, wine and spirits. She believes that in moderation, you can truly enjoy the finest things in life while still reaching your health and wellness goals.”

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