Lauren Rae LIFE Coach Run Dallas

They say... "Wherever you go - there you are."

The good news is, you don't have to go anywhere alone. As your coach, Lauren Rae uses tailored nutrition, fitness and lifestyle techniques to teach you how to kick the fads, love the skin you’re in, and understand food and fitness in a way that works for YOUR body (...without crazy long workouts or eating bland boring food!) Learn how to live your life and enjoy the things you love by optimizing what you eat, how you move and the way your mind motivates you.


Customized programming focused around your goals and ability that will challenge you AND change you to grow, and get results.
One on one coaching sessions via in-home, phone or Skype
Packages that offer unlimited email and text access
The accountability you need to discover, reach and surpass your goals so that they become your lifestyle.
A friendly, encouraging, safe environment to discover your personal and physical strength.

Lauren Rae focuses on creating safe workouts and nutritional meal plans that you can work through on your own. 

Online Coaching OPTIONS

  • 1 on 1 Skype/Phone Coaching

  • Customized Nutritional Meal Plans

  • Customized Workout Programming

  • Prewritten Programs and eBook Downloads



  • Helping you discover your potential and personal power

  • Creating programs that are fun and easy to do on your own

  • Turning your favorite recipes into a meal plan that helps you reach your goals

  • Accountability partner throughout your program